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Go Kato (kato5) was born in Osaka, Japan. Osaka city is very unique and avant-garde, and Osakan life style is based on comedies.
Everyone in this town dreams to become a comedian starting in childhood. It is a strong belief for many, no doubt, as it was for Kato.He loved to read comics, like the DragonBall, SAINT SEIYA and Kinnikuman serialized by the Japanese famous comic book, Shonen Jump.
He was fascinated with powerful battle scenes, layouts and stories.

He was always thinking about cartoons during class at elementary school, and he invented and drew his own story. This story was influenced by the Japanese cartoons he loved with the unique humorous essence from his avant-garde city. He usually drew these cartoons in a small corner space of his notebook then tore them off, folded them and threw to the other classmates secretly. The mission succeeded if you could hear laughter in a quiet classroom when the classmate opened the folded paper. Though he was often scolded when discovered by for his teachers, it was the way to make people laugh because he was a poor talker. To have a strong impact and an accessible theme is important to make them laugh in the blink of an eye. This is the core of his drawing.

The drawing doesn't show only his inside but it is a communication tool for him. He mixes the scenes of the Japanese comics with humor, and paints with avant-garde color affected by the town where he lives. Recently, his characters have been increasingly muscular since he started going to the gym. Muscular people seem to be narcissistic, pose and look at the mirror like in front of the camera.

Everyone is the main character there.
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